Storage and Transhipment of Goods

Storage of goods with good accessibility is of vital importance for many companies.

That is why we recently invested in a new warehouse with 3000m² of storage space, equipped with three loading and unloading quays to be able to serve you as quickly as possible.

This new warehouse currently offers a lot of space for the storage of all sorts of goods.

Moreover, the warehouse is strategically located between the metropolises of Antwerp and Eindhoven. You will find it on De Hoge Mauw in Arendonk, close to the E34. This is one of the most important motorways between Belgium and the Netherlands.

This strategic location ensures that busy traffic arteries can be avoided. This means that your stored goods are easily accessible throughout the year.

Transport & Distribution of Products

With our transport service we are happy to provide a localized goods storage with complete transport management.

For manufacturers and factories, we can take over all or part of the logistics. It is perfectly possible to transport the goods yourself, but you can also have the delivery carried out by LB-International NV; Even up to the front door of your customer.

With our extensive fleet we can guarantee the transport of your goods. Every week our motivated, experienced drivers depart on different routes where they visit numerous countries in Western and Eastern Europe. These logistics operations are supported by our own fleet of refrigerated, covered and container trailers.

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Transport & Storage

Transport & Storage of goods

With 3000m² of storage space, we can assist producers and factories in the storage of goods. In combination with our transport service we can ensure and manage all parts of the logistics process.

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We are happy to handle the transport and storage of your goods. Request more information.

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